Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief consists of the Chief, Executive Officer, Administrative Support Assistant, and the Community Engagement/Crime Prevention Unit.

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Business Affairs

The Business Affairs division is responsible for the fiscally sound management of department funds, ensuring that funds are expended in compliance with university policy. The unit provides the department with budgeting, purchasing, travel, payroll, human resources, clerical and transcription service. 

The Business Affairs unit works together with all areas within the department, and maintains cooperative, interactive relationships with university departments to provide responsive, cost effective and efficient services.

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Field Operations

The Field Operations Division is the most visible division within the University of Arizona Police Department and is obligated with patrol operations 24 hours a day. These services include providing the initial police response to 911 emergencies, all calls for service, and investigative follow-up. Several units make up the Field Operations Division. 

Patrol officers work primarily on ABOR-controlled property, but maintain a concurrent patrol boundary and working agreements with the Tucson Police Department. UAPD officers regularly patrol the University community between 8th Street, Lester Street, Euclid Avenue and Campbell Avenue. 

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Operations Support

The Operations Support Division is responsible for Traffic Enforcement, Property & Evidence, K9, Special Events, Training, Public Information, Records, Communications, and Information Technology. 

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