Workplace Violence

Recognizing Signs of Potential Workplace Violence

An active shooter may be a current or former employee or student. If you believe an employee/student is an immediate threat or exhibits potentially violent behavior, call 911.

Indications of potentially violent behavior may include:

  • Increased use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Unexplained increase in absenteeism and/or vague physical complaints
  • Depression/withdrawal
  • Increased severe mood swings and noticeably unstable or emotional responses
  • Increasing mentions of problems at home, school or work
  • Increase in unsolicited comments about violence, firearms and other dangerous weapons and violent crime

There are many theories about the causes of workplace violence. However, caution should be taken when profiling or stereotyping individuals or organizations since the presence of any of the factors related to these theories does not necessarily indicate a violent act will be carried out. Nevertheless, an incident can be the result of any one or a combination of these factors.

Remember – violence or threats of violence in all forms is unacceptable workplace behavior. It will not be tolerated and it will be dealt with appropriately.  If there is no immediate threat, please call Human Resources at 520-621-3662 if the individual is an employee.   If the individual is a student, please call the Dean of Students office at 520-621-7057.

If the individual is not affiliated with the University, call 911.