Faculty Fellow

Dr. Lehman Benson III has been gracious enough to accept the role of Faculty Fellow for UAPD. As a Faculty Fellow and a highly respected member of the University of Arizona, Lehman will be a liaison to senior leadership, faculty, and certain segments of our student population to ensure a deeper communication flow. Lehman has family connections with and a heart for law enforcement. Lehman has a gift for communicating and evoking critical thinking on topics discussed.

A sincere thank you to Lehman for accepting this role and becoming part of the UAPD Family!


Abbreviated Bio:
Dr. Lehman Benson III

Associate Professor of Management and Organizations
Member, President's Cabinet, University of Arizona
Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Lehman Benson joined the Eller College of Management in 1994 after earning his PhD in Psychology at Lund University (Sweden). In addition, to studying in Sweden, Benson completed a Presidential Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of California Berkeley. He served as the executive director of Eller’s Sports Management Program from 2012-2020. His areas of expertise include risk management, sports management, conflict management, negotiation strategies, organizational justice and judgment and decision-making.

Benson is a member of the President's Cabinet and the Strategic Planning and Budget Committee at the University of Arizona. He is also Pillar Three owner of the University of Arizona Strategic Plan and the co-chair of the Eller College Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

More information concerning Dr. Benson, as well as his accomplishments, can be found in his Bio on the Eller site.