Operations Support

The Operations Support Division is responsible for Community Engagement, Traffic Enforcement, Evidence & Property, K9, Special Events, Training, Public Information, Information Technology, Communications, and Records. To learn more about the Operations Division's individual units or leadership, see below.


The Communications Section is comprised of 9 Police Dispatchers, overseen by Dispatch Supervisors Matthew Fenton and Laura Robles.  The Dispatch Supervisor is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Communication Section and for overseeing the 9 Police Dispatchers.  The UAPD Police Dispatchers are responsible for answering 9-1-1 emergency calls, answering non-emergency calls, and the radio dispatching of UAPD personnel to calls for service. The phone calls UAPD receives can vary from simple police reports to life threatening situations. The Communications Section receives all phone calls on a state-of-the-art Next Generation Emergency 911 system.  

Dispatchers have the capability to transfer misdirected 911 calls to other 911 Centers within Pima County.  Approximately 67,000 incoming and outgoing calls were routed through the UAPD Communication Center last year.

Another important facet of the Communications Section is that Dispatchers receives alarms from buildings throughout the campus. There are 4,500 alarm points in University buildings.  These alarms include robbery, panic, burglary, and fire alarms.  In addition to these alarms, the Communication Section also monitors fire alarm systems which will immediately alert the Police Dispatchers of any fire alarms in a university owned building.  

If you have an emergency on campus and dial 911 from a University maintained extension, your call will go directly into the UAPD Communications Center. The UAPD non-emergency number is 520-621-UAPD (8273).

The department's Community Engagement unit provides the campus community with an expertise on crime prevention techniques and safety practices. The unit, currently staffed by Sergeant Sean Shields and Officer Marvin Smith, will provide work and residential areas with a "Security Survey" to assess the area's security.

The Community Engagement function also coordinates various presentations on a wide range of topics ranging from alcohol and DUI to sexual assault, and personal and property security.

To schedule a presentation please call 520-621-4219

Workplace Violence - Nothing is more important to a university than the safety and security of its employees, students and visitors. Threats, threatening behavior, or acts of violence against employees, visitors, guests or other individuals by anyone on university property will not be tolerated. Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary action which may include dismissal, arrest and prosecution. Any person who makes substantial threats, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent acts on university property shall be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits and remain off the university premises pending the outcome of an investigation.


The Evidence and Property Section is responsible for logging and storing thousands of pieces of property that come into the possession of UAPD each year. Property may be classified as evidence connected with case investigations, search warrants, or seized as contraband. The Evidence & Property Supervisor and Evidence Technicians (Joseph Sacco, Erica Doe, and Nicole Riesgo) are responsible for ensuring the integrity of evidence submitted and must coordinate its release when it must be exhibited during trial.

Depending on circumstances, property may also be classified as "found" or "safekeeping". Each year UAPD logs and stores property found by community members and attempts to locate--and return found property to--the rightful owner. Property may also be taken for safekeeping by Department personnel if the owner cannot be contacted or is unavailable . If property goes unclaimed for more than 60 days the owner, if known, is contacted via mail and asked to retrieve the property. If the owner fails to retrieve their property, it is turned over to The University Surplus Property Office.

In order to properly account for the number and variety of items, Evidence & Property uses a bar-coding system. This system allows for the automated tracking of every piece of property that Evidence & Property obtains, regardless of its classification. The immediate access this system provides allows timely return of found property, and reliable accounting for items of an evidentiary nature.

The Evidence and Property staff is also responsible for overseeing fleet maintenance and rotation, quartermaster, and the disposal of all department obsolete equipment to surplus.   

During the hours of 8:00am- 11:00am, Tuesdays and Thursdays, UAPD provides fingerprinting services for a fee of $10.00 per card. Persons in need of fingerprinting must supply their own fingerprint card. If you do not have a fingerprint card, you must have your employer call the Department of Public Safety at 602-223-2279 or 602-223-2223, for the proper paperwork.
(Fingerprinting will end on September 16, 2021 until further notice.  Please view our Fingerprinting page located under 'Services' for a list of other locations providing this service)

If UAPD is not a convenient location for you, there are alternate fingerprinting locations in the Tucson area.

If you have lost any property, UAPD may have it! Pick-up times are 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.


The division’s IT section ensures functionality of various department communications equipment and components. They are responsible for the constantly evolving tasks of desktop support, mobile communications, video and audio connectivity, inter-agency communications and software maintenance.

Sergeant Sean Shields is the primary University of Arizona Police Department P.I.O. (Public Information Officer). He is responsible for disseminating information to the public, particularly to the UA community. Any questions pertaining to campus safety may be directed to the Community Engagement Office or if you're interested in scheduling a safety lecture, please call 520-621-4219.

Records is closed daily 1pm to 1:30pm Monday-Friday

The Records Section consists of three members; Celia Soto and Alane Gidel, under the supervision of Lori Winans. They are responsible for the indexing and filing of all police reports generated by UAPD employees. UAPD has recently joined forces with the Tucson Police Department records management system which provides automated databases for statistical reports.

Obtaining copies of a police report

Pursuant to ARS 39-121, police reports may be inspected by the public and are subject to limitations provided by law, regulation and judicial decision. All or part of a police report may be available depending on the status of an investigation through the criminal justice system. To request a copy of a report, a Request for Inspection of Public Record form is available to assist with your request.  This form can be submitted to the records section in person, by mail , by fax, or email. If the case report number is unknown, please provide an approximate date and location, the name of an involved person, and the type of incident. The records section is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, closed during state observed holidays. If further assistance is needed, contact Records personnel by phone at 520-621-7536, fax at 520-621-3716, or by email at records2@arizona.edu.


Fee Schedule for Copies of Public Records

The fee schedule for copies of public records requests is as follows:

  • One (1) to five (5) pages of paper copies: $5.00/.25¢ for each additional page beyond 5
  • Video: $40.00 first disc/$10 for each additional disc
  • Audio/Photos: $10.00 first disc/$5 for each additional disc
  • Clearance Letter: $10.00 

Melissa Valenzuela is the University of Arizona Police Department's Special Events Coordinator. Her responsibilities include working with UAPD command staff, University departments, and the Campus Use Committee to assess security needs, billing, and staffing for campus events.

There are many campus events that require supplemental police and security support. These include sporting events, concerts, lectures, workshops, testing, parties, and other special events. The Special Events section is responsible for coordinating these events to staff them with police and security personnel. Pay for personnel working these events is based on their salary, compensation polices of the University of Arizona, and the UAPD. UAPD cannot guarantee the provisioning of police or security personnel for all special events.

It is recommended the special event request form be completed and submitted no later than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to an event.

If you require more information regarding scheduling of police or security services, please call 520-626-6728. If you need security or police for a special event, please complete the online special events request form and submit it to the attention of the Special Events Coordinator, Melissa Valenzuela. Special Event forms may be submitted via fax: 520-626-9460, via email: mrv@arizona.edu, or turned in at UAPD: 1852 E. First St., Bldg #100, Monday - Friday, 8:00AM -5:00PM. Once the request is received you will be contacted for confirmation.


Special Events Quick Facts


The University of Arizona Police Department is committed to traffic safety on the University of Arizona campus, adjacent streets and planning boundaries. In order to accomplish this task, various methods of enforcement are employed. Perhaps the most visible is the use of motorcycle officers. Motorcycle officers are specifically tasked with enforcement of those moving violations that have the highest potential for creating safety issues. Enforcement is not only directed to vehicles but also to bicycles and pedestrians.

Motorcycle officers are also responsible for the investigation of traffic collisions on campus streets and properties. Many times UAPD motor officers can be seen also investigating collisions on adjacent city streets. This collaborative effort with the City of Tucson Police Department helps promote safety and orderly traffic flow in and around the University. Our motor officers have attended specialized training that allows for them to conduct more in-depth collision investigations including collision reconstruction.

Each motor officer is equipped with the latest speed measuring devices including LIDAR (laser) equipment. Officers have no quota to meet and have discretion of issuing a citation, written warning or verbal warning for violations.

UAPD also utilizes a speed measuring trailer from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS). This trailer is placed around campus to help educate the motoring public by showing drivers their speed. The trailer can also be utilized to conduct traffic counts that assist in analyzing campus street usage and identifying areas where speed violations occur. It isn't uncommon to see the speed trailer accompanied by a motor officer enforcing speed limit laws.

The University of Arizona Police Department practices strict enforcement concerning DUI. UAPD has and continues to participate in deployments targeting alcohol enforcement and participates with the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force.

If you have any complaints about traffic issues on campus we would like to hear from you. We conduct traffic surveys and respond to those areas identified as needing enforcement.

For more information, please contact: Lieutenant Filbert Barrera at 520-621-0595 or filbert@arizona.edu

The UAPD Training Unit, headed by Sgt. Martin Ramirez, oversees the training of all UAPD employees and is responsible for the yearly continuing training and certification of police officers from the moment of hire and throughout the officer’s employment at UAPD. The Training Unit works with the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board (AZ POST) to ensure officer certifications remain current. This is accomplished through ongoing training in such areas as: legal updates, search and seizure, firearms, TASER, driving, defensive tactics, less lethal munitions and impact weapons.

The Training Unit is also involved with the initial certification process for recruit police officers. The Training Unit serves as the departmental liaison for recruits as they attend the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center’s (SALETC) 17-week Basic Peace Officer Academy. Following the academy, the Training Unit coordinates post-basic training for the new officers and monitors the Field Training Phase that the new officers must complete before they are released to operate in a solo capacity.

The University of Arizona Police Department currently has 2 active service K-9's. Skip, and his respective handler, Officer L. Connell are certified in explosive ordinance detection. Maggie, and her respective handler, Detective Nicole Nelson, are in process to complete training as a crisis support K-9. In addition to assisting UAPD officers, the K-9 unit assists outside agencies such as Tucson Police, the Department of Public Safety, Pima County Counter Narcotics Alliance (CNA), U.S. Customs, and the DEA.  The UAPD K-9 handler holds public demonstrations and has competed in various competitions. The K-9 and handler are a member of The National Police Canine Association and The Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association.  Retired UAPD K9s' Bono (Oct. 2015), Hunter (Jan. 2016), Jessie (June 2016), and Toby (Feb. 2022) are now living a relaxing "dog's life" with their handler's family.



Matthew Fenton

Police Dispatch Supervisor

Laura Robles

Police Dispatch Supervisor

Community Engagement

Sean Shields

Police Sergeant

Community Engagement Specialist/PIO

Marvin Smith

Police Officer

Community Engagement Specialist

Evidence & Property

Joseph Sacco

Evidence and Property, Supervisor

Erica Doe

Evidence and Property Technician

Nicole Riesgo

Evidence & Property Technician

Information Technology

Melissa Crawforth

Information Technology Support Analyst, Sr.

André De Leon

Systems Administrator, Senior

Armando Ortiz

Information Technology Support Analyst, Sr.

Special Events

K9 (In memoriam)