Community Service Officer

Jan. 11, 2024


The University of Arizona Police Department provides a unique employment opportunity to qualified university students who wish to learn about police services through education, training, and exposure to department operations. The program aims to prepare its participants (CSOs) for successful and informed entry into careers and occupations within the public safety service sector by facilitating:

  1. Education and training specific to police services 

  2. Practical exposure to department operations 

  3. Networking with public safety professionals 

  4. Exploration of possible career tracks  

  5. Emersion into community outreach initiatives 

CSOs must work a minimum of 15 hours per week and no more than 25 hours per week during a university academic session.  

Field Duties 

CSOs will engage in the following field duties, which do not encompass enforcement of state laws, investigation of crimes, and response to emergencies:

  1. Proactive patrol and detection of suspicious or criminal activity  
  2. Premise checks (i.e., buildings, parking lots, garages) 
  3. Locking and unlocking of university buildings  
  4. Point control (limited to UA low-traffic intensity streets) 
  5. Low-priority security alarms  
  6. Public education regarding campus use rules (e.g. skateboarding) 
  7. Blue light and elevator hang-up calls with no indication of emergency 
  8. Theft and criminal damage reports with no suspect information or investigative leads 
  9. Found or lost property reports  
  10. Other duties as assigned  
  • Benefits Eligible: No
  • Salary Range: $14.50/hour
  • Candidate must pass a background investigation.

Minimum Qualifications

  • University of Arizona student (at least 6 credit hours)
  • No felony convictions
  • Valid US Drivers License

This position could begin as early as May or later.

This position is currently closed.

Employment Applications can be printed or picked up in our lobby at 1852 E. 1st Street. Open 24/7  

You may drop off the application in the Background Drop Box located in the lobby of The University of Arizona Police Department - Open 24 Hours OR you can email it to by.

*Student Applicants will be sent an email with a link to complete an online background packet. 

It is very important that the background packet be completed with all of the required documents that are requested and must be notarized.