University of Arizona Police Department Internship   Deadline to submit letter of interest for Spring 2020 semester is October 8, 2019 

General Description:  Interns will be responsible for observing the daily operations of the UAPD. During the course of the internship, the student will rotate to various units within the department including; patrol, crime prevention, dispatch, and investigation.

Internship Available:   Summer , Fall, and Spring
Deadlines:  Summer: March 15,   Fall:  June 15,  Spring:  Oct. 15
Note: No more than 2 internships are available for each session.
Internship Description:            (Unpaid) 
Interns will observe and may be asked to assist in various departments throughout their internship:
  • Patrol: the intern will observe police operations and how officers respond to calls for service.
  • Crime Prevention: The intern will assist the crime prevention officers with preparing informational brochures, assist at new student orientation and business fairs, as well as other duties.
  • Dispatch: The intern will observe the operations for the Communications Center.
  • Investigations: The intern will observe the duties and responsibilities of a detective. The intern may accompany the detectives to court, the county attorney’s office and at crime scenes.
  • Crime Analyst: The intern will work with the UAPD crime analyst to see how the analyst researches information, gathers and prepares crime bulletins and crime reports.

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of the internship and type of work, the intern may be subject to dangerous conditions and see graphic incidents.  Confidentiality is mandatory.  Photos are prohibited without permission. Precautions will be taken to help ensure the safety and security of the intern.  Interns must follow directions of police officers without question. Interns must be willing to work in extreme weather conditions, especially while assigned to a patrol assignment.

Purpose of the Internship: The UAPD internship exposes interns to the inner workings of a university police department. During the internship the student will see many aspects of the criminal justice system which will help him/her better understand the complexities of the law enforcement profession.

To Apply:  Submit a cover letter to Chief Brian Seastone,
Successful candidates must be able to pass a background investigation (conducted on finalists), must not have any felony convictions, or currently be under investigation for a criminal offense.

Expected Contact: Candidates will be notified by April 1 for summer, July 1 for Fall, and November 1 for Spring