The University Of Arizona Police Department was ranked 19 in Best for Vets: Employers 2019

The University of Arizona is committed to bringing veterans into the campus community and the UAPD family. UA Human Resources and/or representatives from UAPD attend Davis Monthan Air Force Base bi-weekly to meet with departing military service personnel. UAPD also reaches out to the Veteran’s Center on Campus, and ROTC. The self-discipline and maturity that is gained while serving our country is highly valued as the veteran officer continues to protect in a new environment. UAPD seeks those with good tactical military skills, a strong personal and ethical foundation, and dedicated to the community they serve. UA provides hired veterans continuing service through the Reserve or National Guard 30 paid days over two calendar years to meet their military commitment. Additionally, the training phase of the Academy and post academy meet eligibility for the GI Bill.

UAPD is fortunate to have a variety of positions filled by veterans, as indicated in the picture below. Our department veterans gathered around the memorial to our veteran fallen officer, Cpl. Kevin Barleycorn (USN Reserves).


UAPD ranked among "Best For Vets: Employers 2019" in Military Times under Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Thank you for your service to all our UAPD Veterans!

Agustin Aguilar, Police Aide, USMC
Micholjon Amado, Corporal, USMC
Benjamin Bordner, Police Officer, USAF
David Caballero, Lieutenant, USMC
Edward Eismon, Corporal, USMC
Rene Hernandez, Sergeant, USMC
Jeffrey Kamper, Sergeant, USAF
Todd Kauffman, Corporal, USMC
Colin Keating, Sergeant, USA
Johnny Lollar, Corporal, USAF
Timothy Lopez, Police Officer, USAF
David Lopez, Police Officer, USMC
Ramon Moreno, Police Officer, USMC
Jason Mueller, Police Officer, Army National Guard
Alan Nelson, Sergeant, USAF
Danny Pickrom, Corporal, USAF
Elvis Sierra, Corporal, USA
Michael Smith, Property & Evidence, USAF
Robert Sommerfeld, Assistant Chief, USAF
Andrew Valenzuela, Police Officer, USN
Courtlandt Volker, Police Officer, USMC
Donald Warden, Police Officer, USAF