In Accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes, the University of Arizona Police Department lists found property worth an estimated $150 or more. 
ARS 12-944 Owner receipt;publication of property valued at more than one hundred fifty dollars.

A.  If an agency takes any property from a person, the agency shall provide the person with a detailed receipt for the property.  The receipt shall contain a notice to the person on how to retrieve the property from the agency. 

B. If the owner of found property that has a value of more than one hundred fifty dollars is not known, the agency holding the property shall publish or post a notice containing a description of the property before the final disposal of the property.

Lost and Found

    Found Property   
Case# Date Location Descriptions
  11/05/2016 1852 E 1st St (UAPD) iPhone
  11/14/2016 1852 E 1st St (UAPD) Samsung cellphone
  11/15/2016 Main Library cellphone
  11/19/2016 Arbol De La Vida cellphone
  11/20/2016 MLK Building cellphone
  12/07/2016 Campus Rec Ctr Texas Instruments Calc
  12/19/2016 Main Library Seagate portable Hard-drive
  01/18/2017 1852 E 1st St (UAPD) Apple watch
  01/18/2017 1852 E 1st St (UAPD) Cellphone
  01/21/2017 1852 E 1st St (UAPD) iPhone 




To inquire about lost property, please call 520-621-1332.

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