The University of Arizona seeks experienced law enforcement officers for its nationally accredited Police Dept. It takes a special person to become a UA Police Officer. Those interested in becoming a UA Police Officer must be intelligent, exhibit sound judgment, and be healthy both physically and emotionally.

UAPD Officers are confident and often must make quick assessments for sound decisions. We seek to reflect the rich diversity of the community in the quality women and men we employ. The men and women of UAPD possess a strong sense of community and service orientation. As an officer you can make a difference, if you possess integrity, strong communications skills, a firm reassuring manner and sound judgment under pressure. Most of all, you must Scaling the six-foot fencebe committed to public service, professionalism, and a peaceful community. UAPD Officers must be willing to work rotating shifts/days off and work holidays. Officers enjoy an outstanding range of benefits including health, dental, life and disability insurance; a competitive retirement package; reduced tuition rates for themselves and family members; paid vacation, sick days, and holiday; overtime eligibility and much more. Officers are afforded opportunities for advancement and specialized positions within the department. 

Starting salary for Police Officer is $47,000.  After 2 years of service, salary increases to range midpoint, $48,628. Lateral hires with five years of equivalent agency experience may start at $48,628.

The obstacle course

Applicants must meet Arizona Peace Officer Standards & Training mandates. These requirements include: US citizenship, age 21 @ completion of academy, no felony convictions, no dishonorable discharge, HS diploma or GED & possession of an AZ drivers license at time of employment.

Body Drag Candidates participate in a physical agility assessment consisting of: A 500 yard run, 99 yard obstacle course, 165 lb body drag (32 feet), climb over a 6 foot chain link fence, and a climb over a 6 foot solid wall. 

Other requirements of those continuing in process will be:  polygraph, medical, psychological, drug testing, and an in-depth background check.

TO APPLY:  Candidates must apply online through the University of Arizona Human Resources website, Search Position: Police Officer Posting #S24516. 

AGILITY TESTING SCHEDULED FOR MARCH 17, 2018 AT 8:00AM.  TESTING TO BE HELD AT SALETC (Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center) 10001 S. Wilmot Rd.



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