• It takes a special person to become a UA Police Officer. As an officer you can make a difference if you possess integrity and professionalism, strong communication skills, a firm reassuring manner, sound judgment under pressure in addition to having outstanding physical and emotional health.

  • The University of Arizona seeks entry level applicants to attend the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (SALETC) and ultimately become a UA Police Officer.  UAPD is a nationally accredited Police Department. It takes a special person to become a UA Police Officer. Those interested in becoming a UA Police Officer must be intelligent, exhibit sound judgment, and be healthy both physically and emotionally.

  • Police Dispatching is a tough but rewarding profession. Dispatchers talk to people over the phone who are often having the worst day of their life.

    At UAPD our Dispatchers are the heart of the police department. Dispatchers receive calls from the university community concerning crimes and police emergencies; dispatches police units and broadcasts all information necessary to ensure safety of officers and public; as well as handle routine requests for information.

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