The University of Arizona Police Department currently has 2 active service K-9s. The dogs; Toby and Trigger, -and their respective handlers--are variously certified in explosive ordinance detection, drug detection, and Patrol & Handler Protection. In addition to assisting UAPD officers, K-9 units assist outside agencies such as Tucson Police, the Department of Public Safety, Pima County Counter Narcotics Alliance (CNA), U.S. Customs, and the DEA. UAPD K-9 handlers hold public demonstrations and have competed in various competitions. Each K-9 and handler is a member of The National Police Canine Association and The Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association.  Recently retired K9s' Bono (Oct. 2015) and Hunter (Jan. 2016), and Jessie (June 2016) are now living a relaxing "dog's life" with their handler's family.


Date of Birth: September 29, 2010
Breed: Black Labrador Retriever
Weight: 70lbs
Place of birth: Washington State


Toby and his partner Officer Kyle Morrison are a canine explosive detection team. Toby is certified by the National Police Canine Association in explosive detection, and responds to English-language commands. Toby is trained to detect thousands of different types of explosives through scent recognition. Officer Morrison and Toby can be found patrolling the campus conducting building and area checks. They also work a number of special events including football & basketball games, dignitary protection, and they give demonstrations to the campus and Tucson communities. When off-duty, Toby lives with Officer Morrison and his family.

K9 Toby


Date of Birth: April 13, 2014
Breed: Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Height:  32"    Weight: 70 lbs
Place of birth: Pocatello, Idaho
Trained: Washington state
Trigger is a highly trained and certified
narcotics sniffing K9. He received his
training in Washington state, and responds
to commands in English.  He is trained
to detect 5 different types of narcotics.
Along with his handler, Officer Rene Arriaga,
he is currently assigned to the HIDTA-CNA
narcotics task force.

And in memoriam...


Born in Europe, Dag began his career with the University Police Department in October, 2000, serving on campus and with a local drug task force. He was certified through the National Police Canine Association for Narcotics Detection and Patrol, and was transferred to the Mt. Graham Unit in January, 2004. He completed a 320-hour Arizona Department of Corrections Service Dog Academy, and had additional training in scouting, trailing, and an NPCA certification in Handler Protection. Due to age, he was retired in August, 2010 to his handler Corporal Wade Boltinghouse and family, until his death in January, 2011. Throughout Dag’s career he displayed his talents and capabilities during his work with other agencies in the Tucson and Safford communities and during demonstrations for participants in the MGIO’s summer youth program, Boy Scout troops, the Virtual Academy at the Gila Valley Boys and Girls Club, the Annual Graham and Greenlee Meth Awareness Conference, Eastern Arizona Criminal Justice students and visiting high school astronomy students. Dag and his handler participated in the numerous National Police Canine Association’s Annual Training Seminar and Competitions. In 2005 Dag placed 5th in Drug Detection, 3rd in Patrol, and had the best overall score receiving the Top Dog award. Dag will be truly missed as a representative of the University of Arizona Police Department. K9 Dag 


K9 Bear  Bear, born and raised in Germany, worked with Sergeant Jerry Garcia at the Mount Graham International Observatory. Beginning his University of Arizona career in December, 1994, Bear and Sgt. Garcia completed three months of training in narcotics detection, criminal apprehension and article search. He was certified by the National Narcotic Detection Dog Association (NNDDA) in 1995, and in 1996, the team certified with the National Police Canine Association (NPCA) in narcotic detection, handler protection and patrol. Bear had a keen nose for sniffing out personal-use amounts of narcotics and paraphernalia during most of his searches. Throughout his career, Bear participated in several K9 trials throughout Arizona, where his performances were legendary, earning the Reserve Grand Champion-Top Dog award in 1996, and 1st place in Area Search in 1997, when the University of Arizona Police K9 teams together earned the 4th place Top Agency award. Again in 1999 Bear was instrumental in the University of Arizona Police Department’s 4th place Top Agency. In his final competition at the Yuma K9 Trials, Bear received 5th place in Obedience/Obstacles and 1st place in Building Search, contributing to the University of Arizona Police Department’s 1st place Top Agency award. Bear is truly missed by many of the school children he annually visited. Bear lived at home with Sgt. Garcia and his family up until 2000, when he had to take a medical retirement due to valley fever. He was retired to Sergeant Garcia and his family with whom he lived and protected up until his death in May, 2005, at the age of 13.



  Michael was born in New Jersey on April 14, 2002 and came to work at the University of Arizona Police Department in May of 2004. Michael was certified in Explosives Detection by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) after 400 hours of intensive training at the Federal Training Center in Front Royal, Virginia, and was the very first explosives K9 assigned to a university police department by the ATF. Once he was certified, Michael and his handler, Officer Kyle Morrison, patrolled and served the UA campus whenever they were not assigned to special deployments. With Ofc. Morrison’s partnership, Michael displayed his talents and capabilities by working collaboratively with other agencies all over Arizona and the United States as part of an ATF task force. Michael also conducted explosives sweeps for two Super Bowls and many high profile college football bowl games. In addition to sporting events, he provided security for the Republican National Convention in 2004 as well as the G8 Summit. Michael also participated in VIP protection for United States President Obama and former President Bush, many Supreme Court Justices, and other celebrity visits to campus. Michael worked to ensure the safety of the community by being present for hundreds of UA athletic events, and he also assisted local southern Arizona agencies with bomb threats, suspicious package calls, and evidence collection at crime scenes. In November of 2005, Michael and Ofc. Morrison captured First Place in the Tucson Area K9 Trials in the category of Explosives Detection, beating 22 other K9 teams from across the country. Michael also displayed his talents within the community by being an ambassador to hundreds of schoolchildren through classroom and special event visits. Michael worked his entire career at the UAPD until, due to his age, he had to retire in August, 2012 to live with his handler and the rest of the Morrison family until his death on August 23rd, 2015. Michael impacted many lives and he will be greatly missed. 




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