The department's Crime Prevention unit provides the campus community with an expertise on crime prevention techniques and safety practices. The unit, staffed by Sergeant Cindy Spasoff, Officer George Eppley, and Officer Rene Hernandez, will provide work and residential areas with a "Security Survey" to assess the area's security.

The Crime Prevention function also coordinates various presentations on a wide range of topics ranging from alcohol and DUI to sexual assault, and personal and property security.

To schedule a presentation please call (520) 621-4219

Workplace Violence - Nothing is more important to a university than the safety and security of its employees, students and visitors. Threats, threatening behavior, or acts of violence against employees, visitors, guests or other individuals by anyone on university property will not be tolerated. Violations of this policy will lead to disciplinary action which may include dismissal, arrest and prosecution. Any person who makes substantial threats, exhibits threatening behavior, or engages in violent acts on university property shall be removed from the premises as quickly as safety permits and remain off the university premises pending the outcome of an investigation.

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