The Communications Section, led by Dispatch Supervisors Matthew Fenton, Michelle Robinson, and Lori Winans are responsible for the radio dispatching of UAPD personnel to calls for service. These calls can vary from simple police reports to life threatening situations. The Communications Section is also responsible for monitoring a state-of-the-art Emergency 911 system dedicated solely to the University of Arizona.

Dispatchers have the capability to transfer misdirected 911 calls to other 911 Centers in the metropolitan area.  Approximately 64,000 incoming and outgoing calls were routed through the center last year.

Another important facet of the Communications Section is that Dispatchers monitor almost 2,500 alarm points in University buildings. These alarms include robbery, panic, burglary and fire alarms. In addition to these alarms, Dispatchers also receive notice of other alarms through private and contracted companies who have alarm systems installed on University property.

If you have an emergency on campus and dial 911 from a University maintained extension, your call will go directly into the UAPD Communications Center. Our non-emergency number is 621-UAPD (8273).

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