On May 2, 2005, The University of Arizona announced the creation of the Manager of Emergency Preparedness, a new position at the university and UAPD. The Manager of Emergency Preparedness is the focal point for emergency training and operation at the University of Arizona. This position is responsible for training campus departments in emergency operations, helping prepare emergency plans for departments and buildings, and updating the University’s Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans. Additionally, this position is responsible for conducting local and campus-wide emergency drills to help the campus better prepare for emergency situations.

In addition to assisting the University’s Campus Emergency Response Team (UACERT), the Manager of Emergency Preparedness will expand ongoing partnerships with local, state and federal agencies involved in emergency planning.

For more information about this position, please contact Chief Brian Seastone at 520-621-3507 or seastone@UAPD.Arizona.Edu.

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